Chris at work

Chris Bull

Chris first started ceramics in the mid 1960's at High Wycombe College of Art and later moved on to Langley College to take GCE in Design and Ceramics. This was followed by a Studio Potters Course at Langley.

She has taught ceramics at GCE “A” level, and currently runs the Studio Potters Course at Evreham Adult learning Centre.
She works in her studio at Askett where she finds the ever increasing fascination for clay, glazes and fire continues.

She has shown her work at the Craftsman Potters Association in London and sold at Bonham's Contemporary Ceramics Auction in Kensington.

Recent commissions have been for Perkin Reveller Restaurant, Tower Bridge, The Science Museum, Chiltern Brewery, and Anna Murphy Gardens.

She also presents her work locally when she joins with other craftspeople in local exhibitions.
She has been an active member of local Pottery and Sculpture Groups and has served as chairman of two of the Groups.
Her work is now extremely varied in nature, and she constantly feels the need to ‘move on' to explore the wonderful world of ceramics.
Her current range includes large garden pieces, copper glazed Raku ware and functional scraffito ware.



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